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It’s live!

April 7, 2011

Revamped!! Check it out:

Thanks to many people for helping make this happen, from donating photos to editing blurbs to giving an opinion on design matters…and massive, massive props to Yuhki. 🙂



February 24, 2011

This is mildly exciting: I was approved as a vendor on Wedding Wire!  Take a look at my listing, complete with (okay, currently 2) reviews!  My friend Dani is coming up with a logo for me, and I can’t wait to add it to both this and the new website.  Regarding that, Yuhki (an awesome friend and very talented web designer) came over and did some mockups last week, and I’m currently putting together some new information and figuring out photos.  It’s a tough call whether I’m more excited for this stuff or a new computer (SO glad the new MBPs came out today; I haven’t bitten the bullet just yet but it’s inevitable with my PowerBook G4 driving me INSANE, especially these last couple of months).

Other random things: change is…change.  I’m moving this weekend (just rooms) and I’m looking forward to it, despite the amount of stress it’s caused.  My friend Kendall is here this week, which has helped.  I won’t get into it right now, but I’ve lately felt a huge desire to escape.  I did plan an trip to Raleigh/Durham relatively soon, and if only I could justify a trip to London/(the other) Cambridge…sigh.

Oh!  Also, I started another blog, which is related to Project #3.  In the end, these blogs are mostly for my personal benefit, but check it out!

Project #2

February 10, 2011

So in my last post, I said I had three projects I’ll be focusing on this spring.  I’ll tell you first about project #2, since it’s the most straightforward: to continue building Sheila Christine as an event planning service.  I’ve gotten the chance to do a pretty diverse range of events, from study breaks to weddings to black tie balls to technology events, and welcome the opportunity for (almost) anything!  A website re-design is slated for spring break (thank goodness, VERY excited), and I’m working to get my name out there through a few different portals.  Of course, the easiest way is always word-of-mouth, through friends, so if you know of people who need help planning something, put us in touch!  I offer help on a variety of levels, from consultation to day-of-coordination to the whole shebang.

A brief life update: just….sigh.  As they say, “when it rains, it pours,” and a few “real-life” events have sent me reeling towards a quarter-life crisis (and didn’t this already happen earlier last year?).  It will be fine, I will be fine, and I know that.  But right now, I need a hug.  Also, a new roommate (this is actually serious–if you know of someone in Boston looking for an apartment, have him/her get in touch with me).  At least I have a going away party to plan…

Happy February?!

February 1, 2011

Oh hey.  About time for an update, I guess!  By now, I have no idea if anyone even follows this anymore, but regardless, this blog is more for my personal benefit than anyone else’s.

It’s been >8 months since I’ve last blogged, and I know I’ve previously not blogged for a while and then said a lot has happened, but this time, really: a LOT has happened since last May.  I’ll try to get you up to speed…

Festa: The Eliot Alumni Ball (May 30, 2010) was beautiful.  A more intimate (~350 guests), more sophisticated version of The Fete, which is what I had been hoping for.  Two ice sculptures, a split dance floor, open bar with special drink option “The Sweet Charles”, cupcake and memory tree centerpieces, a barista in the wee hours…it all came together. Much of the credit for the event’s success goes to Sue (logistics) and Anthony (aesthetics), and thanks to the tutors for helping with set up.  Festa did have its share of compromises and unfavorable circumstances (including my biggest near-meltdown yet, oh boy, ask me in person), but ultimately, everything turned out wonderfully, and Lino and Anna received the sendoff they deserved.

Luckily, Festa withdrawal wasn’t that bad, because within a couple of weeks I fled the country for my much-anticipated personal vacation: 10 days in Paris/England, primarily for May Balls at (the other) Cambridge.  Best week of my entire year.  A red-eye to London, a weekend in Paris (my first time!) with my aunt, a quick stop back in London to catch up with an old friend, and 3 black tie events (and a garden party) in Cambridge.  So, so many good memories: crepes and falafel that I will be dreaming about for decades, hanging out with old friends, making new friends (that have since become very good ones!), bumper cars and bungee-trampolining in black tie, game-changing fireworks shows, punting down the Cam, a lazy afternoon of tea and scones at Grantchester (mmmm elderflower fizz).  From an event-standpoint, the May Balls were absolutely surreal and worth every penny (and those ticket prices required a ton of them, nearly literally!)—all-night (8pm-6am) black tie affairs, lots of food (oyster bar, chocolate fountain, cheese tent), open top-shelf bar, multiple dance floors, performances, fireworks, carnival games.  Special thanks to Urvesh for being the best host I could ever hope for.  It’s currently not looking especially promising, but I really am hoping to get back for May Week this year (especially with Laurence over there, oh heyyy).  Crossing fingers!

I then enjoyed my first summer in Boston (previously, I always fled home/abroad as soon as school was out), and minus a few uncomfortable sleepless nights (thanks oppressive humidity), it was quite nice and makes the Boston winter slightly more justifiable.  The 4th of July fireworks show here really was fantastic (and this is after seeing 3-4 shows in England!), and an amazingly well-coordinated event; I was impressed!  I also turned 24 with an olive-free picnic in Harvard Yard the weekend before and Korean food and Berryline on the actual day.

My next event was John and Ellen’s wedding (Labor Day weekend 2010).  John was my proctor (RA) my freshman year at Harvard, and I became friends with Ellen through taking a economics/statistics class together my junior year.  Pretty crazy and funny to think that I ended up coordinating their Maine wedding, and it was an absolute blast.  Ellen paid attention to every little detail, and we pulled off a breathtaking ceremony and reception with the help of amazing family and friends.  Some photos! FYI, the favor?  Local honey in jars labeled “John ❤ Ellen, meant to bee…” I know.

And now we’ve gotten to the biggest change that happened since I last blogged: in early October, I left my job in finance to pursue event-planning full-time.  It was not an easy decision in the slightest (quite honestly, a very scary one!), but after much reflection, I’ve realized that doing something I’m passionate about is very important to me.  I’m extremely fortunate to currently be in a position where I am only responsible for myself, and I’ve decided to take the leap, be completely selfish, and explore this possibility for the near-future.  I learned a lot from my year+ in finance, some about business and some about myself, and am very grateful for all the mentorship and experience I received throughout.

Since then?  Well, I spent the remainder of 2010 working on two events for Harvard’s introductory computer science course, CS50.  David, the course’s professor, and I met at a holiday party my housemates threw in 2009, and funny/fortunate how things turned out a year later.  The first event was the CS50 Hackathon (Dec. 2-3), an all-nighter event held at Microsoft’s N.E.R.D. for students to work on their final projects.  Pizza at 9pm, Chinese food at 2am, unlimited soda and Red Bull and candy…and a trip to IHOP at 6am for those still standing.  Very twilight-zoney and at times, it felt like a social experiment, and I would say it was a success!  At the very least, from a post-event survey, no one hated it :).  Photos here. The second event was the CS50 Fair, CS50 students’ final project exhibit and SEAS’s flagship recruiting event.  9 tanks of helium, 1500 customized CS50 cupcakes, and 1500+ was my biggest event yet!  Photos. Both the Hackathon and the Fair were vastly different from anything I’ve previously worked on, and I enjoyed working with some old friends and making some new ones.

And now, post a leisurely 3.5 weeks home in CA for the holidays?  Back in Boston, and it’s time to get serious.  I have 3 projects I’ve decided to focus on for this spring, and I’ll detail in a future blog post.  It’s exciting, but also very daunting.  Whew, I’ll stop here.  Take care, stay warm, and talk soon!

“There’s only two types of people in the world…

May 21, 2010

the ones that entertain, and the ones that observe.”

In 10 days, I’m going to show you how an event should be thrown.  It’ll be great, and I’m really excited about it.  A secret: yes, there will be cupcakes.  As excited as I am, though, I’ve been pretty consistently tired for the last ~3 weeks, which, honestly, sucks.  I’m looking forward to a time when I’m not falling asleep in yoga everyday…

Random life update: things are good.  I was thinking about it a lot the last couple of days, and this first year post-college has taken me for a wild ride.  I don’t even know what I expected, but it was nothing like this.  I feel like things constantly change and I frequently have “SERIOUSLY?!” moments.  Thank goodness human beings are extremely resilient.  I wish someone would have warned me or prepared me for this, but then again, I don’t know how that could have happened.  To seniors who are graduating: life is pretty much never what you expect it to be like, and you just have to roll with it.  And when things suck, it helps to take yourself out of the picture, for a few seconds, and just laugh.  Life can be ridiculous.

All I know is: I’ve grown up a lot.  Possibly more in this past year than my entire college career, which I find mind-blowing: I thought college is supposed to be that time of growth and change and self-discovery.  Not that I didn’t grow at Harvard, but I feel like it’s more in this year that I really started to know myself.  It hasn’t been easy, but I figure out things about myself every single day.  Overall, through the good and the bad, it’s been wonderful.  Initially, I’ve tried to keep a record of crazy/weird things that happen to me, but after a while, it got too crazy to constantly record them because I just needed to…be.  I definitely have a list, though, and maybe one day, when I am actually bored, I’ll start a book of vignettes…

Travel Essentials

April 3, 2010

Since the summer, I have started a pre-boarding ritual of buying a bridal magazine and a liter of water.  Today it was an Evian and Martha Stewart Weddings. I am currently in the Indianapolis airport waiting for my dad to arrive; we’re going to the NCAA Championships this weekend.  It’s been a nightmare of a day due to flight changes/delays, but Martha Stewart is helping.  I have lots of good ideas for future events.  Especially my own wedding.  That actually makes me scared–I don’t know how I will handle my own wedding.  I think it will be the best/worst event in the world, and it will drive me absolutely insane.

Update: things are good!  Festa planning is underway, and it’s keeping me pretty busy.  Ticket sales have launched, and I get excited every time I get a notification of someone purchasing tickets.  The initial response has been really great!  Paper invitations will hopefully be finished by the end of next week (text finalized today).  Pricing out vendors, continuing to brainstorm, and dreaming of the big night….the usual.  It’s going to be fantastic, but I am also starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  I’m calling April my retreat month and am severely limiting my social commitments (this is my blanket apology to my friends).  That being said, if you live in Eliot, you’ll probably see me a good amount anyway.  But I need to focus, and I promise you, it will be worth it.

What else…I threw my “staying here” party last weekend at my house, since I was supposed to start in Hong Kong yesterday.  As many “going away/bon voyage” parties get themed around where the person is going, my “staying here” party was themed around local things.  Local wine, beer, cider, cheese, chocolate…bread and cupcakes from down the street…and someone brought Munchkins.  I had a lot of help and fun preparing with my housemates and Kendall, and the house was beautiful with flowers and candles and dressed up pretty people :).  I wish I could just throw parties all the time.

Here we go…

March 20, 2010

If you hadn’t already been wishing you were sorted into Eliot on housing day, I’m telling you, you do now.  Also, I have been in a semi-bad mood for the past couple of weeks because I realized that I inadvertently gave up my social life for the next 2.5 months because of this, but ultimately, I’m excited.